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"However he finds her decision to abandon him cruel, he added: 'I don't care if you're well known or not, you're a person who has to dress and do your normal human activities that are required of all of us... I scolded him when he was growing up but we also had some very nice times. I wished him well, I asked him about his sister and I just wished them well and I told them I'm in town here and my doors are open if they ever thought it appropriate and that was about the last I heard.'John said: 'She used to almost kid about, "oh you know what the papers have said about this, that and the other thing." Now she was a young attractive lady... I thought I saw what she was like aside from that (her celebrity) as if she was a girl back in Scotland and I liked that part.

I'm sure she had emotions and of course there's some reversion to immature behaviour. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her.

Then we went to a little Italian restaurant in the Mandalay Bay and then we went home.

'But then two weeks later we took a "Staycation" here and went to the Bellagio and had a great time.'Recalling their family life, John said: 'I used to spent pretty much all Saturdays going with them to soccer practice, we'd all go.

She still plays occasional gigs and performed at a James Bond theme song pop gala in Hawaii in October.

In an interview with Mail Online, John Minoli, the Scottish star's fourth husband, lifted the lid on their whirlwind 13-month marriage - exactly 10 years after they divorced and shed light on the star's dramatic disappearance from the limelight.

Clark’s plaintive, tremulous voice appears to be in a one-sided conversation with a messagebank: Clark imagines impending disaster and is almost resigned to her doom, singing, “you and me, we’re not meant for this world”, though the melody is strangely soothing and beatific.

In the title track, she sings, “I can’t turn off what turns me on”.Mail Online's photos show Sheena, 54, looking a far cry from the beautiful Glasgow starlet who took charts all over the world by storm in her early 20s with hits such as Morning Train and James Bond theme For You Eyes Only. When I get involved with somebody, I either get involved with them and it's over very fast, or I get involved with them then I get married very fast - then I get to know them!'An onlooker described the scene at the surgery: 'Sheena was driven to her appointment at the dental centre by a burly man in dark sunglasses who appeared to be ex-military as his car had veteran plates.“The only thing that I had was just pills to try and keep me afloat.” She was referring to Ambien, a sedative that has become notorious for its disorienting side effects.“You take Ambien, the next thing you know you think you’re in a forest of elves,” Clark said.

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