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José Alfredo, however, does not accept recognize her as a daughter, Cristina refuses to have any kind of relationship with the true family or fortune they have amassed.

Marta Maria Cristina will do anything to keep away from her husband and her children, rivaling no less dangerous Cora.

Lília Cabral Alexandre Nero Leandra Leal Caio Blat Andreia Horta Daniel Rocha Maria Ribeiro Malu Galli Drica Moraes Rafael Cardoso Erom Cordeiro Nanda Costa Flávio Galvão José Mayer Othon Bastos Roberto Pirillo Marina Ruy Barbosa Klebber Toledo see more It was created by Aguinaldo Silva and starred Alexandre Nero, Lília Cabral, Leandra Leal, Caio Blat, Andreia Horta, Daniel Rocha, Nanda Costa, Ailton Graça, Zezé Polessa, Tato Gabus Mendes, Letícia Birkheuer, Maria Ribeiro, Klebber Toledo, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Rafael Cardoso, José Mayer, Marjorie Estiano and Drica Moraes.

Daily, the telenovela was watched by 30 million viewers per minute, number greater than NFL games on American television.

Sebastião José Alfredo then decides to take to Switzerland.

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The three sons of the former couple are the cult jewelry designer Maria Clara (Andreia Horta), the ambitious José Pedro (Caio Blat), and the rebel João Lucas (Daniel Rocha).The scrappy girl camelódromo works in the center of Rio de Janeiro alone and creates little Victor (Adriano Alves), son of Tuane (Nanda Costa) and his brother Elivaldo (Rafael Losso).Tuane abandoned infant son with her ex-boyfriend and Cristina to go after a rich husband.Weekly, the accumulated number of viewers reached 100 million.The plot brings the male protagonist as rude heartthrob José Alfredo (Chay Suede), a boy who leaves Recife in 1989 to try life in Rio de Janeiro, and during stay in the house of his brother, Evaldo (Thiago Martins), if madly in love coined by itself, Eliane (Vanessa Giacomo), older than him.

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