Back of beyond adults only campsite

Not on the end of a rope this time, although there are many of those for him to look back at over 2017.

Rather, his incredible feat of running his twelfth marathon this year is worthy of plaudits, especially from someone like me who only runs when he's late for work! All of which puts my day firmly in the shade, but there was activity beyond the housework that I was able to complete on another day mainly in my own company.

Even so, one cannot experience the true majesty the canyon and waterfalls have to offer in just one day.

The Supai village, located within Havasu Canyon, is not accessible by road; the trail to Supai and Havasu Falls begins at Hualapai Hilltop.

Although the less said about those travels to Derbyshire for Rambling Ringers the better... Actually owning our own home feels liberating, the trio of brothers have been growing up and progressing, albeit not without more than the odd tantrum.

New Year's Eve is a strange mixture of anticipation and reflection.

Anticipation, as for all that experience tells us the actual ticking over from one year to the next is a bit of an anti-climax, at least it offers an opportunity for a party with food, drink and good company, a party that is pretty much guaranteed to last until midnight at least.

Still, other ringers in Suffolk were more active with a quarter-peal of Norfolk and Norwich Surprise Minor rung on the back six at Bardwell where at least one of the trio of recognised ringers was celebrated. I don't know Alan well, but I know that this is very much deserved.

A superb ringer and a wonderful speaker when presented to the media on ringing's behalf, his work on finding out more about and commemorating ringers lost in the First World War has not only ensured that they are appropriately remembered, but has given the exercise the platform from which to promote itself so positively over the commemorations marking the centenary of that dreadful conflict and also inspired the project to recruit 1400 ringers before the anniversary of the end of the war next year, a figure based on the number of ringers lost in fighting between 19, something which was featured in a brief report on our local BBC radio station today. Two of the more than five thousand peals he has rung were rung within our borders this year, including one for the SGR at Ixworth composed and conducted by Louis Suggett, which brings me seamlessly to the St Mary-le-Tower ringer's latest achievement.

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