Beautiful intimidating women lonely

I was literally convinced that I was the perfect girl for him. And after analyzing every single second of our interaction at least 100 times, I really can’t come up with anything that makes any sense other than the fact that I was perfect for him—too perfect, in fact. The problem, though, is that I can’t quite pinpoint why it would be scary for a guy to be with an awesome girl.

I realize this isn’t something I’m going to be able to solve in one sitting.

But I’m hoping that it isn’t a delusional myth to assume that sometimes a guy leaves a girl not because she isn’t awesome, but rather because she is awesome and that scares him.

I am 25 years old and have never been in a serious relationship.

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My problem is that it never leads to anything more than that. You may be insecure, but people have trouble believing it. When you’re constantly put on a pedestal, it’s hard to be in sync with “normal” people. That last one is just my observation about beautiful people and doesn’t necessarily apply to you.I mean, it’s tough enough for an average woman to tell when a guy is interested in a relationship or sex. And you think that if you insist on not doing any more than kissing that you’re weeding out the “wrong” guys. Although it’s unpopular to say, sex is rightfully important to men.Imagine what it’s like when you’re objectified wherever you go. A reasonable man with looks and money and life experience might very well say to himself, after five dates with nothing more than a kiss, “Screw this.Until recently, that is, since I’ve started to notice an alarming trend: In three of my last four rejections, I concluded that the guy ended things with me because I intimidated him.I call this trend “alarming” because I usually consider it delusional to blame a guy’s lack of interest on intimidation. ” is a phrase that I’ve always thought of as the battle cry for cheesy, brainless girls who are totally lacking in any charming or marketable attributes whatsoever.

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