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At present in To'hajiilee, in the aftermath of the shootout, Hank is wounded with a bullet in his leg, Gomez has been killed, and Jack's gang is left unscathed.

Jack orders some men to search for Jesse and prepares to kill Hank after cornering him.

Jack's men prepare to kill Jesse, but Todd suggests that they first interrogate him to find out what information he supplied to the DEA.

Before Jack's gang takes Jesse away, Walt spitefully reveals to Jesse that he was there when Jane died, and decided not to save her life.

Holly tearfully utters her first word, 'mama,' several times, saddening Walt.

The police soon arrive at the White household, as does Marie.

Meanwhile, at the car wash, Marie informs Skyler that Hank has arrested Walt. refuses to believe that his father is a criminal, however; he then tells Skyler that, if it is true, she is as bad as Walt for going along with it.

Walt begs Jack to spare his brother-in-law, offering Jack his entire million fortune; he then asks Hank to swear that he will drop the investigation.

Hank refuses to beg for his life, however, and says that Jack has already made up his mind.

They bury Hank and Gomez in the unearthed barrels' hole.

Walt spots Jesse's hiding place and betrays him to the crew, reminding Jack that the hit on Jesse was never carried out.

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