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Let us observe how the electric current behaves in the inductor.

The inertia of the inductor results in gradual increasing and decreasing of the edges of the square wave input signal.

Even the magnetic field of the Earth, which protects all of the living beings on our planet from cosmic and solar radiation, is possible, according to the main hypothesis about its emergence, because of the large current flowing in the melted metal core of the Earth.

We could say that this core is, in fact, an enormous inductor.

For the centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system, including the extended electromagnetic (EMU) and Gaussian systems of units, inductance is measured in cm (1 H = 10⁹ cm; 1 cm = 1 n H).

In some cases units called abhenry are used as an equivalent of a centimeter.

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For these experiments we would need some insulated copper wire, a ferrite rod and any modern multimeter, which allows you to measure inductance. 9 shows examples of inductors with a magnetic core, which can be either opened or closed.

When voltage is applied or removed, voltage surges occur because of the inductor’s electromotive force of self-inductance.

In electric engineering, this type of circuit is called a differentiator circuit and is used to adjust rapid processes in the controlled object. One henry represents induction of a circuit in which the rate of change of electric current by one ampere per second results in the output voltage of one volt.

Let us recall that any conductor that has current running through it creates a magnetic field around it as shown in Fig 7. Instead of using three ferrite rods we could use one, removing it after we complete each coil. Generally the core is made from ferrite or laminated silicon steel.

Wind forty turns of wire around the ferrite rod, making sure that the distance between turns is small. Now wind the same number of turns with the same distance around another ferrite rod, but in the opposite direction. Take another rod and wind twenty turns without any space between them, in any direction. The magnetic field of these inductors looks something like the one shown in Fig 8. A core increases the inductance of an inductor several times.

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