Consolidating sallie mae signature student loans

If you have questions, contact Norman Payroll and Employee Services or the HSC Payroll Office.

Find links to the TAL System here for tracking time and leave in Health Sciences Center programs.

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These contributions are called "Sooner Credits" and are listed on the left side of your paycheck earnings statement.

Sooner Credits are used for the core insurance programs: medical, dental, life insurance, and accidental death & dismemberment.

Full and part-time employees classified to work between 20 and 40 hours per week are eligible for benefits. 292.12) requires that state employees receive their paychecks electronically through direct deposit to a checking or savings account.

Alternative to Direct Deposit: Employees that do not provide direct deposit information will receive their wages deposited on the Key2Prepaid Pay Card through Key Bank.

The Key2Prepaid Pay Card has features similar to a debit card and free withdrawals can be made at Allpoint and Key Bank ATMs.

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