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Did the fact that I’m not Jewish factor in to why he didn’t want to marry me? I can only say that for me, it wasn’t an issue.” But it clearly was an issue for Betty Seinfeld, the comic’s archetypical Jewish mother, a busty little dynamo of Syrian descent, who had one strict rule about marriage for Jerry: that he marry a nice Jewish girl, and not even a convert to the faith.

Without really knowing it, Mc Nabb didn’t have a chance. I loved her.” Despite all of Seinfeld’s issues, Mc Nabb was certain that he would eventually be the marrying kind, and she knew he wanted to be a daddy.

When Seinfeld took Mc Nabb home to meet the family in Massapequa, LI, she says she never felt a negative vibe. To her shock and amazement, he made that abundantly clear to her long before their breakup.

“If Betty had a problem with my not being Jewish, I certainly was never aware of it. “He asked me at one point to have a baby with him,” she says, “but even today I’m not sure how serious he really was.

About a year ago, model Susan Mc Nabb was relaxing in her Los Angeles home when her husband looked up from his laptop-surfing and mentioned a gossip item he thought she’d find interesting. But instead of “Seinfeld” sitcom-style kvetching, the 50-year-old TV-commercial and print model found a way to cope with her demons.

It seemed her longtime, long-ago boyfriend, Jerry Seinfeld, was planning a new TV project called “The Marriage Ref,” yet another reality-style show, this one dealing with the marital squabbles of real-life couples. “I sat down at my computer and started writing everything down.

And after years of my consciously avoiding any and all news of Jerry Seinfeld, here we go again.” The new Seinfeld project “brought up a lot of old feelings about Jerry that I’d worked long and hard to bury,” asserts Mc Nabb.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and recalls thinking, “It’s ironic that the man who avoided the mere mention of marriage in my presence for years has now grown into a full-on television-show-producing expert on the subject of marriage and marital problems.

It was important for him to not have other commitments that required his attention.

I felt like I was purging those old feelings, a form of much needed therapy.

The good news is I probably saved a fortune in psychotherapy.” The bad news for Seinfeld is that he may soon find himself fictionally portrayed between the covers of what the author says is a “juicy, sexy, introspective, and poignant” chick-lit novel called, “It Seemed Funny at the Time,” and which Mc Nabb is pitching as “Bridget Jones meets Mr.

The message of Mc Nabb’s book, she says, “is to follow your heart and be true to yourself.

The story shows some of the unique challenges of dating men in the public eye, and what an odd phenomenon fame is.” Three major obstacles stood in the way of matrimony with Seinfeld, Mc Nabb contends: His burgeoning career, religion, and his dire fear of commitment, which was so severe that they never lived together, although he did entrust her with the keys to his West Hollywood condo so she could take care of his personal business while he was on the road.

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