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“But pictures of celebrities don’t rise to the level of kidnapping, murders or serious violent crimes.star Mischa Barton was set to testify in her ongoing civil suit against her ex-boyfriend, Adam Spaw, when the case was postponed for a third time because Spaw’s lawyer said he had been admitted to the hospital on Tuesday.“While celebrities might seek to recover damages from those who profit off of their photos, it is difficult for them to target the non-profiting parties; such parties would not only need to be identified, but also sued for injunctive relief in numerous different courts all over the country – an expensive and tedious process.As the costs to file and argue such cases can be considerable, and financial recovery may not be achieved,” he writes.Cara Delevingne, the supermodel, and actress Anna Kendrick also were allegedly made victims of the hack.On Friday, download links appeared on both 4chan and subreddits.

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Ever since she was 12 years old, though, she wanted to be on reality TV. Kathie Lee Gifford, a friend of Kris's, apparently thought their family would be a hilarious show. Then, right after we began filming, I was asked to pose in And then there was the sex tape. The two were first photographed together in April 2012, and it was months before they publicly admitted to being a couple.

A new round of naked celebrity pictures have apparently been leaked online this weekend as part of the Fappening hack.

New alleged photos of Jennifer Lawrence have leaked online via The Fappening subreddits and 4chan.

[Mischa] has always maintained that the images were obtained without her knowledge or consent and that’s clearly a violation of the law and that’s why she’s fighting this case, it’s a form of domestic abuse, the judge has already ruled that.

Mischa wants everybody to know, I want everybody to know, that if you are a victim of revenge porn, you can go into court and get orders to protect you.

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