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I’ve also added some of my own tips from my personal experience.To make it easier for you to work through, I’ve grouped them into three main areas: In this section are the easy and straightforward options to cut down on file size.Conditional Formatting is a fantastic way to visually compare any changes in numbers in data ranges, but it can come at a hefty price – a bloated Excel file!One mistake some Excel users make is to apply formatting to an entire sheet, or an entire group of rows or columns.

I can think of a few ex-bosses of mine who would hate if I removed any formatting from files that we gave to our clients, but if it’s an internal working file, then avoid formatting it just to make it look pretty for you.

There are a number of date formats in use and with each department, company and country following their own nomenclature. Check out the clip above for knowing if the values you’ve entered are in the same order. If you wanted to enter 2009 but mistakenly entered 20009 in say =DATE(20009,4,7), that would result in this error.

I personally tend to like the dd-mmm-yyyy or the mmm-dd-yyyy formats so that there is no room left for ambiguity. In the end your formula should look something like this =DATE(2009,6,28) The DATE formula can result in the following error values: If the parameters specified in the year, month or day cause the resulting date to exceed the minimum and maximum limits (January 0, 1900 and December 31, 9999 in Excel 2003), the DATE function would result in the #NUM! If the parameters have been specified incorrectly (entering string instead of a number), the DATE function can result in the #NAME? For example, say you entered “jul” as the month instead of 7 (which is the number representing the month July) and entered =DATE(2009, jul, 30), that would result in the #NAME?

To format a date, while the cursor is on the cell you want to format, press Ctrl 1.

We’ve all encountered them before: unnecessarily large files in Microsoft Excel.

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