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In announcing his candidacy, Moore said, "My position has always been God first, family then country.

I share the vision of President Donald Trump to make America great again." On his campaign website, he identified implementing a flat tax, giving tax credits for employee health care coverage, encouraging coal mining and oil drilling, and eliminating the Common Core as policy priorities. Senate seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R).

Upon examining the gun, officers discovered that one of the bullets in the magazine had been loaded backwards, jamming the gun before it could be fired again, according to court documents, which also revealed that Alyssa's mom had told police that Alyssa stabbed herself in the neck several times and held the gun to her own head.

Police do not believe that a third party was involved in Hudson's death, nor do they think the shooting was accidental, FOX10 reported.

He was endorsed by the Alabama Republican Assembly, whose membership is self-described as being "Reagan conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America." Luther Strange was appointed by Gov. He was previously elected as attorney general of Alabama in 2010.

Strange announced his intent to fight for his seat in April 2017, saying, "As I’ve said for months, I’m a candidate and I’m ready to run whether the election is next month or next year.

As the only announced candidate for this office, I will spend the next several months being the best Senator I can be, upholding Alabama values and working with President Donald Trump to drain the swamp and help make America great again." His tenure as attorney general of Alabama focused on challenging the Obama administration's healthcare agenda and environmental regulations in court.

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Before sitting on the highest court in Alabama, Moore was a judge in Etowah County and practiced law as an attorney.

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore defeated incumbent Sen.

Luther Strange in the Republican primary runoff election on September 26, 2017.

The charge stems from an incident which took place on Friday.

Police were called to Alyssa's house at about 4pm, when a family member reported that Alyssa had shot Hudson and then tried to kill herself, according to ABC 15.

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