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In this region the guest can find attractions such as Kastel di Lendas, where some Brazilian folk stories are told. With the new contract with Warner Bros., DC Comics heroes now participate in the theming.Attractions “Summer at Hopi Hari” happens in the period from January to March each year, one issue is addressed with parades of floats, characters and many shows. The themes of the Summer at Hopi Hari since their first edition are: Alice at Hopi Hari (2010), Alice comeback to Hopi Hari (2011) and Looney Tunes at Hopi Hari (2012) Hopi Night is an event that brings to Hopi Hari a festival of electronic music with many special effects, good music and dancers.What was talk in the heat of this news release was really these characters of American popular culture, "fit" in the history of Hopi Hari.The characters of Sesame Street, which now leave the scene, as were almost attached since the inauguration of the park because they had a history as strong as those of Superman and Batman, for example, that was known and was read in the park site on the history of Infantasia was that the population of children of settlers from Hopi Hari had grown and needed an area just for them.Along with the staff of Sesame Street, founded Infantasia, or were incorporated into the story of "country" sneak. Some of the most famous characters in the world, will fall by parachute in the park.However, the park is officially pronounced as telling stories of the merger will be so different.Magical Vacations happens in the period from June to August.

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Hopi Hari is a fictitious country - its employees are residents (hópius) - with a "president", capital, national language, among other features.The park is part of the complex Serr Azul Full Life which also includes Wet 'n Wild water park, Shopping Serr Azul, the Premium Outlet shopping center, the Quality Resort Hotel and Itupeva Serra Azul Farm subdivision.This complex attracts more than 5 million Brazilian tourists all year (number equal to the amount of foreign tourists to Brazil received in 2008) surpassing even tourist spots known as Christ the Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders the modern world, and the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro, which together received only 1.9 million tourists (Brazilian and foreign) in 2008, according to Rio Tur."[...] The entry of the Looney Tunes will be based on a new design in which Bugs Bunny is a millionaire with his inventions and goes to live in a house with Daffy Duck.In this context, the Hopi Hari sends an invitation to him please come to "country." He accepts the invitation, and brings the whole class is in Infantasia an ideal place for filming. And with all the happiness and joy that the park offers the greatest villains decide to invade "the country", but the goddess Hari calls the Justice League in order to establish the park to prevent the bad guys win.

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