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(9) The history of Jewish life throughout the ages, as well as the contemporary Jewish experience, convincingly suggests that informal Jewish education is a serious and legitimate partner in the larger Jewish educational enterprise and that it has the potential to be a powerful complement to Jewish schooling in enriching personal Jewish lifestyle and deepening collective Jewish identity.

In this monograph we shall examine the meaning and promise of informal Jewish education for enhancing Jewish life.

In order to be able to really understand informal education and use it effectively, we need to understand precisely what it is and how it works.

As we will see, many attributes of informal Jewish education are also found in schools, in Jewish communal service, in various forms of therapy, and in life itself.

The great challenge of education is to examine existing paradigms and dream of new ones.

In recent decades, traditional notions about where and how people learn have been re-examined, and new (and sometimes unlikely) milieus and modes are emerging as contexts for education.

The current “greening” of informal education raises the question: “What is it?

” The most common answer—that informal education is education outside of schools—is convenient but not very useful.

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