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He was president of RKO Pictures from 1932-36, and since 1936 has been vice president and executive producer of Columbia Pictures Corp., Los An-geles. 506 of Los Angeles, affiliating with it on March 4, 1936 from Covenant Lodge No. From 1919-32 he was general counsel of Radio-Keith-Orpheum. Kahle President of Eastern States Petroleum Co., Inc.

Was auditor and office manager of National Biscuit Co., 1933-41, and assistant general manager TWA Airlines, 194143. 8 of that year, at which time he passed his examination in open lodge in full on the two degrees he had taken, to the surprise and admiration of the brethren present. The candidate, divested of all regal honors, standing before a large assembly of brethren, many of them decorated with rich jewels, and all in Masonic clothing, gave the lodge a striking appearance and left an impression on our minds not soon to be effaced. At five minutes after midnight, they toasted the king's 22nd birthday. During his reign the Molokai Leper Settlement was established (1864). This no doubt rankled the royal personage, because, March 2, 1857, a dimit was received from him by Hawaiian Lodge, and on motion, was accepted. Various scientific societies backed the undertaking, and Kane, himself, spent much of his private means. In 1780, after the decline of the strict observance, he entered regular Freemasonry anew and was elected patron of the United Grand Lodges of Brunswick in the duchy of Mecklemburg.

After lodge, the king entertained the officers of the lodge at the Grand Pacific Hotel. He received the degrees March 25, May 4, and July 28, 1859. 27, 1875 he was installed as master of the lodge, serving for a year.

Baron Johann Kalb (see under de Kalb.) Samuel Kalisch (1851-1930) Justice, Supreme Court of New Jersey, 1911-25.

Davis, master of the lodge at the time, wrote: "Seldom have I witnessed the impressive ceremonies of this degree conducted with such solemnity. and the brethren repaired to the king's palace where they were entertained in a truly royal manner. A crowning act of his reign, and a monument to him, was the founding of the Queen's Hospital, the cornerstone of which he laid, July 17, 1860, with Masonic ceremonies. 30, 1863 when but 29, and was given a Masonic burial. He promulgated his own constitution in 1864 to supersede the one of 1852. He was elected June 13, initiated June 15, passed Dec. The two lodges not being in fraternal relations, charges were preferred against Lot Kamehameha, and two other brethren of Hawaiian Lodge, for visiting Le Progress in violation of an interdict imposed by Calif. 25, 1857, and although found guilty, was upon due consideration excused from punishment. Grinnell, at the solicitation of Lady Franklin, placed the ship Advance under his command. 134, Philadelphia, a lodge of which his father, John K. On June 17, 1853 after starting the expedition, he was entertained at a reception by Saint John's Lodge, Newfoundland, and was presented with a Masonic - flag. 454 of New York City, famous "explorers' lodge," is named for him. He was initiated in 1766, and entered the rite of strict observance in 1767, becoming Superior et Protector Ordinis of Hanover in 1772.

King Kamehameha V (1830-1872) King of Hawaii, 1863-72, and first Hawaiian to be made a Freemason. He was the last of a direct line of Sandwich Island kings. Unfortunately for Freemasonry, this evening marked the Masonic turning point for the future king. His reputation as an Arctic explorer, however, rests on the second Grinnell expedition, which he commanded. On April 13, 1853 (a little over a month previous to the sailing of his second expedition) Kane received all three degrees in Franklin Lodge No. A memorial tablet, erected by the grand lodges of New York and New Jersey at the house where he died, was dedicated in Feb., 1922. Kappel President of American Telephone and Telegraph Co. He joined the coalition against the French in 1813-15, and was influential at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. Entered the English army and became a lieutenant general and governor of Hanover. Co., Ltd., Arizona Chemical Co., and Androscoggin Reservoir Co.

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