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Sharon tells us she is seeking to “meet someone that I have chemistry with, have some nice dates and a good evening”.

“My workmates and flatmates were on it and London seems to have this dating scene where single people are all actively dating a few times a week.

You arrive, they look nothing like their pictures, you have a chat, you don’t like them, they’re a banker with a horrible ego, you leave thoroughly disappointed that you wasted your time and potentially your dignity on snapchat.2.

You arrive, they look like their pictures (I’m definitely not an angel in the ‘look like your pictures’ front but…), you get on quite well, you get horrendously drunk, you sleep together, you go to work in the same clothes, you never message each other again.

The thing that annoys me most about it is that I can’t understand why the internet turns men into a bunch of sex pests and borderline psychotics.

I see my actual friends who are nice, polite, caring boys speaking to girls like shit on Tinder and I can’t see where this behaviour comes from.1.

We stayed for two drinks and then I made my excuses and left. I have one friend who uses it and has shagged a few girls from there, although I’ve not met any of them so can’t comment on what they were like.” Joanne (30) has been using the app for a few months, but hasn’t been that active, telling us: “You need to put in a bit of effort.” I had arranged to meet one guy the following week, but I had to call it off after his behaviour. She would recommend it, but adds: “I am in two minds about it. Niamh (26) began using the app in January last year and struck relationship gold just a month later. I tried Ok Cupid when I was living in France and found that extremely nerve-racking and awkward. “We met in real life on Valentine’s Day – yes, I know. “So when [Niamh] said she was free the Saturday evening, I jumped on the chance.

He kept texting me over the weekend and even when I did not reply he continued: ‘Are you out? I haven’t heard many success stories come from it.” One definite Tinder success story is Niamh and Eoin. I didn’t really like online dating, but Tinder was different as it hooks up to your Facebook and it’s simple to use. Honestly, the reason for this was because it was really the only time I was free. I think we were both also quite eager to meet as our chat on Tinder was going so well.” Needless to say, both said they would recommend the app.

“I was using it in the hope of meeting someone long-term – or even just a bit of fun, but I got neither.” Of the matches that I got, most of them looked like complete weirdos or massive elephants in their photos. She was quite boring personality wise, kept going on about how she likes to play games on her Xbox all the time.” The second date was absolutely bloody awful.“It felt easier than interacting with real-life people.Nowadays I only use when I’m insanely bored or hungover and haven’t been on a date in about three months.This figure has remained relatively static for the last year.Once a quarter, Ipsos MRBI contacts 1,000 people aged 15 and over by telephone to discuss their social networking habits.

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    What is Included in Each Membership Level Latin American Cupid has been up and running since 2003.

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