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It goes without saying that Facebook has had tremendous success as a consumer tool, but the enterprise is a different place with distinct requirements.

While it picked up a 1000 beta customers when it was free, it could find that enterprises,…

The Io T Gives Criminals Superpowers 2016-10-11 - Forbes Tech The Internet of Things will give superpowers to a new class of entrepreneurs able to forge the future of connected communications. A Flint, MI university turned vacant land into autonomous vehicle proving grounds 2016-10-11 - Tech Crunch Kettering University unveiled this week an automotive proving grounds in a bid to lure companies and students to the Flint, MI area.

The test track is on the school’s grounds, housed on land that once contained a massive General Motors’ manufacturing facility that was torn down and left abandoned.

First, it restricts them from going live on apps like Facebook Live or Periscope during or after the game.

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The company has historically made an effort to help web users get registered to vote and find answers to their voting-related questions by placing instant answers in its Search results.While most cell services let you choose a “family plan,” which typically entails the ability to include additional lines at a discount, Fi didn’t yet offer this option. 'Dragon Ball Super' Will Start Airing In Europe This Fall, Still No Word On A U. Release 2016-10-11 - Forbes Tech The latest installment in the Dragon Ball franchise has been met with great success since it started airing in Japan last year.Like you would expect from Fi, it’s all pretty straightforward, but don’t expect to get a massive discount. Well, now it looks like Dragon Ball Super will be released in Europe in the near future. Play Station VR Is An Unusual, Important Battle This Holiday 2016-10-11 - Forbes Tech PS4 Pro and PSVR come out within a month of each other, the latter in two days. Read More What to do if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 2016-10-11 - Mashable Tech The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is officially dead, so now what? gov’t agrees to foreground privacy statement in surveillance bill 2016-10-11 - Tech Crunch The U. government has agreed on an amendment to draft surveillance legislation aimed at strengthening the public perception of privacy safeguards by adding a statement of priority to the face of the legislation.

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