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Dating isn't like buying a car where you pick your perfect one and drive home.

There's never a risk that the car isn't going to buy into you too.

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I always wanted guys over 6' tall since I was 5'8" and wearing heels put me at 6' myself.

Then I found met The Boyfriend who is 5'10" or so, didn't believe I was as tall as I said I was, so we measured and it turns out I'm 5'6". Before I found out I was shorter than I thought, I figured I would throw out my height limit and date someone that was my same height.

Despite the fact that I'm petite, I always go for the 6' and above guys. I think I lost perspectives as I always think something shorter than than is short.

The first one was apparently either looking for someone more "proper" than I am and or bothered by the height issue himself.

The other turned out to be a racist, so he was out.

You will need to open up your restrictions a bit for sure .... There seems to be two kinds...those that date other Asians and those that don't. I don't see this with other races...maybe it's regional?

*shrugs*Lizzy, you might be surprised about how inconsequential the height thing is if you date different men.

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    Definir as identidades de gênero, as sexualidades e os sexos através de letras que formam uma sigla sempre é complicado.